Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Less Is More

Conventional wisdom says, "I have to do more to get more done." Not so quick. The best leaders know that in order to get more done, one must actually must do less.

The book of Acts, specifically chapter six, demonstrates this little-known contrarian leadership axiom. We read the church was exploding with growth, which brought new challenges and complaints. In this case, church members were complaining that there were legitimate needs within the church family that were not being met.

Instead of doing more and spreading themselves too thin, the leadership made a pivotal decision to do less. Seriously. They said, "we are going to do three things: study, preach and pray. That's it."

So what was the solution? The leaders strategically raised up other qualified leaders and delegated responsibility and authority.

Principle: Church leaders are NOT responsible for meeting ALL the needs. They are responsible for making sure ALL the needs are MET.

This year get more done by doing less. Raise up leaders. Train them for ministry. Release them to meet the needs. Do only what you are called and capable of doing. And then watch as your church expands with explosive growth.

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Jim Tracey said...

Thanks for this timely post, David. It served as a confirmation and reminder of the correctness of a direction I was taking one of my leaders.